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Kyrenia Harbour

The picaresque old harbour is one of the best places to visit in North Cyprus. The harbour is lined by flats, cafes, bars and restaurants offering lots of good places to eat where you can taste the local food.

Kyrenia Castle

Situated next to the Kyrenia Harbour, the Kyrenia Castle is a complicated mixture of building styles worth visiting in North Cyprus. Behind the venetian castle walls you will find chruch of St George, royal apartments, byzantie chappel or French dungeons. The ship in the Shipwreck museum is estimated to have sunk around 300BC and is, to date, the oldest ship ever to be recoverd from the seabed.

Turtle Beach

Turtle beach is a long stetch beach of sand. The beach is signposted as it is here where the green and loggerhead turtles come and lay their egges in the summer. The beach is mostly visited by local Cypriots. Visit North Cyprus Turtle Beach if you want to experience local atmosphere.

Karpaz Peninsula & Apostolos Andreas Monastery

Karpaz peninsula situated in the nort-east part of North Cyprus is a land where time stands still with miles and miles of untouched sandy beaches. Situated at the tip of the peninsula, Apostolos Andreas Monastery is dedicated to St Andrew, the miracle worker. Karpaz is also know for its wildlife including wild donkeys. Visit Karpaz as one of the most beautiful place in North Cyprus.

Bellapais Monastery

The Bellapais Abbey is truelly one of the most trenquil places in North Cyprus. It was founded at the beginning of the thirteen century. Most of the Bellapais Abbey that is visible today dates from the time of Hugh III. It is beautiful and elegant building depicting Gothic styles throughout the stage of its develpment. A small courtyard is defended by a machiocated gatehoue.

Salamis Antien City

Situated on the east coast, Salamis is one of the most important and fascinating sites in North Cyprus. It was founded around the 12th Century BC and had a long development until its destruction by Arab raiders, earthquake and tides in the 7th Century. It is a large city comples revealing Roman buildings and architecture.


In the early 1970s, Famagusta was the number-one tourist destination in Cyprus. To cater to the increasing number of tourists, many new high-rise buildings and hotels were constructed. During its heyday, Varosha was not only the number-one tourist destination in Cyprus, but between 1970 and 1974, it was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


There is nothing better than feeling the wind and sun on your face and smelling the beautiful citrus trees as you pass them in North Cyprus Discover and enjoy the natural beauty of the island from the pedal of a bike and showcase North Cyprus’ stunning landscape. North Cyprus is a biker’s paradise and it’s not just because of the guaranteed sunshine. Granted the excellent weather conditions prevailing on the island mean cycling can be enjoyed almost throughout the year. And, unlike other European or Mediterranean countries, strong headwinds are rare.


Diving is a very popular pastime for many in North Cyprus, and there are some really good organizations that can provide training courses, trial dives and trips to great diving locations – both in the north and south of the island.


Korinuem Golf Course which has been one of the main attractions in North Cyprus since the opening in 2007. The impressive Korineum Golf course is a unique golf experience and is one of the world’s most prestigious golf courses and applauded by golf lovers everywhere. It is a haven for golfers with the mild climate and 300 days of sunshine each year in North Cyprus which allows for almost year-round golf.

Dining & Restaurants in North Cyprus

You will be pleased to know that when eating out in North Cyprus there are a broad range of choices available in terms of cuisine and restaurant type, so broad in fact that it can be quite overwhelming at times! You can eat out at a different establishment every night of the week if that’s your preference, or eat at home with a variety of take-away and delivery services to choose from.

Mountain Hiking

One of the charms of North Cyprus is that it makes a fantastic destination for hikers – the rugged terrain under glorious sunshine just beckons to be explored. Hiking gives you a great opportunity to interact with the best of the North Cyprus nature and history and enjoy the magical views that looks like a postcard background.